Thursday, October 20, 2011

Black Boots

If you've been reading the blog lately (*hello random person who just stumbled upon my blog*) you'll know that there's been a bit of a black boot obsession since Autumn arrived.  There has been a great deal of whining that that I need black boots which could lead you to believe A)That I am incredibly shallow and B) I'm really quite spoiled.

So just to get it out of the way, I am both of those things! However, that's not really what the black boot fixation has been about.  For the last few years I've not even bothered to try boots on because they are the one type of footwear that can make you feel fat.  The average boot has a 14" or 15" calf allowance with "wide" boots sometimes getting up to 17".  Most clothes you try on in a changing room so when the jeans don't zip or the blouse won't button you can squiggle back out and pretend it never happened.  Trying boots you find yourself out in the open with a sales person standing over you awkwardly trying to find something to say when the "wide" boot won't zip past your ankle. All but the bravest of us just give up trying.

This year I found myself able to actually put the boots on.  Still anxiously refusing ones that looked overly narrow I tried on the pretty boots for the first time in years.  And so they came to mean rather more to me than unnecessary footwear.  So yes,  I bought boots.  I bought them seriously on sale thanks to the Fashion Forward event. I also bought them before we found out Canada Student Loans was going to stiff us horribly... which means that if I'd know that I probably wouldn't have bought the boots.  The things is, once I explained the meaning of the boots to Husband, Student Loan or no Student Loan, he was getting me those boots. 

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Tracey Baker said...

Just got home from the mall, your 2nd paragraph was the story of my night. FRUSTRATING!!! Glad you found a pair you though! I'm still working on it! :-)