Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pomodori Profits

A couple of weeks ago Pomodori Pizzeria mentioned on their facebook page that community groups could sign up to stop by and pick up their refundable items every week.  For those of you who aren't local, we pay a deposit on things like beer and wine bottles, pop cans, water bottles and then you take them to a redemption center to get the refund back.  It's a way to encourage people to recycle things but actually it's kind of a pain in the neck since there are no line ups to take the rest of our recycling.  It's a bit of a throw back to an era when people didn't recycle. 

Anyway, groups (like the two hockey teams this Saturday) will hold bottle drives as fundraisers.  This Saturday I had a teeny tiny bottle drive.  A couple of friends heard I was taking in the Pomodori's items and donated their refundables to us.  Special mention to the lovely Keith and Nela of Simply For Life for doing their part.

Donations from friends


My little collection

Dad came along to help me carry it in and keep me company waiting for an hour.

Sadie pleased to be delivering food to the kitties.
Saint John Animal Rescue League Shelter
So it took a rather long time at the redemption center but what else did I have to do that morning anyway? It was kind of fun watching two hockey teams and their parents coming in with truck loads.  I came away with $30 and headed off to buy wet cat food for the shelter.  The shelter has been blessed to have their dry food provided for both cats and dogs but wet food is needed to give the animals their medications and they're constantly running out.  Sadie was very happy to go for a car ride and take the kitties their 72 cans of wet food (may have donated a little bit myself on top of that $30).

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