Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Travels- Washington DC

There's a special story about how my Mum and I wound up going to Washington, DC last Spring.  The nice way of telling it is that my brothers decided my Mum and I should have a weekend away and realized I would really love Washington, DC.  There's a version where I was being a whiny baby and they were brainstorming ideas to keep me from being grumpy with them.  I like the first telling better.

Once Mum and I decided we were going to Washington, DC I ordered the first two seasons of West Wing in order to review for the trip (and introduce Husband to some of the best television to come out of the US).  Then we ordered seasons three and four.  I love that show.  Quite honestly I think deep down I kept hoping I'd run into President Bartlett or CJ... or potentially Booth and Bones (My tv watching habits are sad aren't they?).  We did actually miss President Obama by just a couple of hours at the Washington Memorial.

Anyway,  we were in Washington, DC during their annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  Who knew there was such a thing, right?  It's a beautiful time of year, if slightly cool and slightly damp.  There was a parade and a street fair and all sorts of excitement.  With only two days to see the sites we made the most of every minute (Except for that first evening when we got told off by room service for eating in our room rather than going out.  We'd flown out at 5am. Jerk).

View from outside our hotel

Capitol Building

Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin

World War II Memorial with Lincoln Memorial in the Background.

Mum at the Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

We went to see a musical at the historic Ford`s Theater

Where Lincoln was shot.
White House

Along with the parade and entertainment the whole point of the Cherry Blossom Festival is to do the walk around the Tidal Basin to see all of the trees in bloom. There were a fair number of people but we managed to take photos as if there was no one there!

Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin

Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin

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Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Beautiful photos! We are taking a trip to Washington DC this coming spring and I am so excited!

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