Sunday, October 30, 2011

Foster Kitties- Halloween Edition

So what better thing to do during the Halloween season (this year is the first time I've run into the Hallo-Week concept) than to adopt a black kitty cat.  Black cats are less likely to be adopted than other cats. Part of this is  due to superstitions around black cats.  I think another reason is that black kitties don't have the distinct facial markings that people respond to in photos and in a crowd at the shelter; you have to get closer and get to know them to see how lovely they are. 

Here are some of the lovely black cats looking for homes in our area.  I have no doubt that the shelter in your area has some darling black kitties just waiting for a cuddle today. The first two kitties below are in foster care with the lovely Kailie. The others are all from our local shelter.  The shelter is generally open on Sundays so go over and play with one today!

This is Irma. She's been a good mommy and is now ready for a home of her own.

Little Oscar looks so much like our Spock did at that age. He's going to be sleek and handsome!

Below are a few of the lovely black kitties from the Saint John Animal Rescue League Shelter.
I hope one or two have found homes already but I have no doubt there are several more there waiting.

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