Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween History

I thought that Halloween called for a fun trip down memory lane. Happy Halloween everyone! Dress warmly and be careful crossing any streets in the dark!

I was 5. Little bro was 3.

I was 6. Little bro was 4.

I was 8. Little bro was 6.

I was 9. Little bro 7. Little little bro 1. Dad (that involves doing math)

Little little bro was such a cute bunny that it stuck around a few years.
I'm the sad clown.

Little little bro is now a magician's rabbit with sign that said "Will work for carrots".
Mum's the clown who's standing up.

Heading off to a party cause at 14 I was too old to trick or treat!
Little bro and I ready for "Spook Trail" at KV High. What a great fundraiser every year. 

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Full of Fabulous said...

love it! i wish I had of dragged out the old pictures for my blog now too!!