Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fashion Week Gala- What I Wore

I changed my mind about my outfit for the New Brunswick Fashion Week Gala evening so many times it was really quite ridiculous. Seriously, who spends that much time thinking about what they're going to wear? I think if I actually just wore the same thing every day I might have the brain power to solve at least 50% of the world's major problems.  But instead, I think about shoes.  Sorry world...

So what did I wind up with is obviously the question that has been occupying your every waking minute.  I mean how can you possibly live without knowing such a thing?

It was sunny but crazy cold right then.

I swear that necklace practical glows. It's gray in some lights and purple in others.
Needed some colour!
Dress- Got it on the final day the Black Dog Boutique was open 75% off!!
Belt- PGal's Closet
Shoes- Nine West
Necklace- Darling Dilemma (Local designer and blogger. Look for a feature later this week)

1 comment:

Melissa Wright said...

Love this dress, you looked so fabulous!! The pop of the red shoes was perfect!!