Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday Travels- Delayed

So it's now Wednesday, not Tuesday, but I'm going to do a Tuesday Travels post anyway.  Plus it's my second post of the day.That's just the kind of crazy thing we do at my house.  Like Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner). At the end of last week Husband, Sadie and I headed off to PEI for two days.  It would have been Husband, Sadie, Trilly, Spock and I but Husband had this crazy idea that they wouldn't do well all sharing Sadie's crate.  I figured it would be one big, bumpy, cuddle... no?  Anyway, he won out on that one.

We had to be in Charlottetown on Friday for Husband to write the GMAT so I started looking for cottages with a nice location that were reasonable driving distance to the city.  We wound up with the perfect, dog-friendly, waterfront spot. Sadie spent a lot of Friday taking walks, sniffing (her) the property, reading on the couch and listening to the wind and waves. Then we all had a lovely visit to the historic waterfront area.

Our cottage in Stratford

Low Tide

Three hours later at high tide
Sadie particularly liked that there are different rules at the cottage.

The last time Husband and I were in PEI was two years ago plus a week. Which means the only two times Husband and I have been to PEI have basically been off season when many things were closed (though what's open tends to be cheaper!).  At some point I'd really like us to go in the summer.  However, it has meant that I can't help comparing some "then" and "now" photos.




2011 (Don't ask)


It is wonderful to be able to travel with the Sadie.  She's incredibly well behaved staying in new places. It does limit some activities but somehow we still managed to see quite a bit and do some shopping. To continue with our topsy turvy theme, Husband bought two pairs of shoes and I bought zero shoes. Craziness right?  Just so glad he now owns shoe options that don't smell like lake water!!

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