Friday, September 30, 2011

Love In

I rarely channel my inner flower child but the mood hit me the other day.  Then I ran around cuddling all the things I love.  Some of them put up with cuddles longer than others before squiggling away (yes, Husband I'm looking at you here).

Spock stuck around for lots of cuddles but it's hard to get a decent picture of a kitten who is always moving

Sadie wanted loads of cuddles. Just kept rolling on back for tummy rubs.

Trilly was dozy and so was actually content to cuddle for a little while.

Then there was this one who took one photo where he looked miserable.  This was an improvement!
Top- White Stuff UK
Leggings- Mind, Body, Soul
Headband- Cozy Owl Designs

Adorable fluffs all adopted.  You too can get your own adorable fluff from your local shelter.  Very good value for money!

Husband and I are away on beautiful Prince Edward Island with Sadie for two and a half days so I am missing the cuddly kitty (and the grumpy princess one too) who are being cared for by my awesome parents. I will return to find kitties who didn't miss me at all!

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