Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pretty Bits n' Pieces

There are soooo many events happening in Saint John this Fall.  It's really quite mind boggling! It's tough trying to decide how much to fit in while still staying sane. I look forward to seeing many familiar faces tonight at the Brunswick Square Fashion Show in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

I expect you'll be seeing some photos from the fashion show coming up soon.  In the mean time, last couple of weeks I've been lucky to get some beautiful pieces made by local indy companies.  I haven't worked them into outfit photos yet but couldn't wait to show them off.

So thrilled to donate to the Heart & Stroke Foundation and then the added bonus of getting my very own pair of Gully Beads earrings.  Heather of Gully Beads writes a wonderful blog so go check her out!

New Band Geek headband.  Can't wait to try it multiple ways.  Love the adorable buttons.

 Plus very cute and girly Band Geek enamel flower earrings. Patience has only just started doing these so thrilled to have a pair.

Adorable flower I picked up at Cottage Craft Fine Woollens in St. Andrews that I plan to wear as a broach this Fall/Winter.  Maybe at some point put it in my hair!

And last, but certainly not least, how adorable is my owl hat from Cozy Owl?? Have to be careful where I leave it lying around as the braided bits do look like super fun cat toys.


Anonymous said...

Haha, they ARE super fun cat toys! My kitten has unravelled a few in-the-works projects :)
Katie of Cozy Owl Designs

Heather said...

Such great finds! Love the Hat!