Sunday, September 25, 2011

Smells So Sweet

When we first bought our vacuum (hoover to the Brits) it came with a piece called a turbo brush designed for getting pet hair out of furniture:

On the back it has a warning note:

At that time we didn't have any pets.  Husband and I laughed at the thought that people actually had to be directed not to vacuum their pets..... then we got a golden retriever. I considered taking a photo of the dog hair that came out of my vacuum this morning but couldn't bring myself to do it.  It was too gross.

For the last couple of weeks Sadester has been shedding like crazy.  I've been completely unable to keep up with the little mini-Sadies forming in corners all over the house.  She was slightly matted and had wringlets forming behind her ears that I know can turn into dreadlocks practically over night.  Even though we're supposed to be on a money saving kick right now I sucked it up and called for a grooming appointment because poor Sadie just looked bedraggled... and well... she smelled like dog.

Friday I came home from work to find our little darling back to her beautiful self.  Ears lovely and silky, fur soft and fluffy and smelling not at all like wet dog. 

Fluff from between toes all removed.

No ear wringlets

Showing off her manicure.

Little buddy agreed that bestie Sadie was soft and cuddly.

My Mum is a very practical person.  I expected her to think that professional grooming was rather frivolous.  However when she stopped by this weekend and saw the cleaned up Sadie she suggested we really ought to get her groomed more often!! Worth every penny.

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