Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brunswick Square Fashion Show- Big Brothers Big Sisters

The Brunswick Square Fashion Show in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters (fitting since their offices are in Brunswick Square!) was a hit.  The turn out was great.  The set up was lovely.  The food was yummy.  The clothes were beautiful.  But my favourite part was the surprising twist of having Bigs and Littles (yup, that's what we call them in BBBS slang) as models in the show.

The Big & Little Sisters were beautiful and the Big & Little Brothers were both handsome and endearing in their complete lack of idea where they were going! They did a wonderful job both as models and as ambassadors for BBBS. Check out a bit of their performances below.

Clothes, Accessories from: 
Baubles                              Je Suis Prest Boutique
Colwell's Mens                   Olsen Europe
Colwell's Ladies                 Paddington Station
Frank's Furs                       Pseudio

Hair and Make Up by:
Hairacy's                Perfumes Plus

(And having spent some time in there drooling over boots I know that Urban Shoe Myth has some footwear in there too)

I worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters one summer when I was a student.  I walked out with a Little who is actually still matched with my parents (he's a super busy High School student now but makes time for lunch and things). I even posted about it here.  As soon as Husband and I's lives are sane enough (ie he's not doing 60-70 hours a week on his studies) we plan to jump in and get involved again.  Who knows, maybe we'll be in next year's fashion show??

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