Monday, September 19, 2011

Popping Up Everywhere

Last week I had the pleasure of having tea with Catherine Hunter of My Cake Pop Shoppe to discuss cake pops and how her business has basically just exploded onto the scene in the last few months.  What we actually wound up discussing was me, my pets, the silly things the foster kitten was doing... yeah, I am such a bad interviewer!  At the time she asked me what one gets out of blogging and I think I gave some answer about connecting with the local community and such.  Of course at the time I was shoving cake pop into my mouth and the real answer was "Free Cake Pops!!".

Have you had a cake pop?  My first cake pop was at the opening of the Urban Shoe Myth.  That free chocolate cake pop made me almost as happy as the adorable black Calvin Klein pumps I walked out of there with (the pumps lasted rather longer since the cake pop was gone by the time I got to the car). On the very same day Husband was at the Exploratorium sitting next to a table that looked like this:

It's a small world but Saint John is sometimes miniscule! Needless to say we both ate cake pops that day.

For those of you who haven't had a cake pop (and you're going to want to make sure you read the directions at the end to help you experience them for yourself) you're probably thinking "So it's cake on a stick. What's the big deal?".  The thing is that to make a cake pop first you make very yummy cake.  Then you crumble the cake.  Then you mix the cake with delicious gooey icing.  Then you form it into a ball and cover it in chocolate.  It's basically cake's answer to a truffle. It is moist and delicious and everything you could ask for from dessert on a stick.  Also, they're adorable!

Catherine and her daughter only started making cake pops in March.  With cake pops "popping up" (sorry, couldn't resist) in wedding and lifestyle magazines all over the place My Cake Pop Shoppe was soon in demand.  Catherine has a table at the Kingston Market every other Saturday and cake pops are also available at On the Vine in Rothesay and, when the weather cools off, at Cochran's Market in the valley.  However, the best way to get cake pops is to order them directly!

The most common cake pop flavours are chocolate and vanilla (or White Cake as we all seem to have grown up calling it) but really any flavour you like can be cake popped.  The My Cake Pop Shoppe facebook page has a large range of designs that Catherine has made in the past but she loves a challenge.  Bachelorette party cake pops are not featured on the facebook but Catherine's happy to fill you in on what she's made in the past should you be interested ;)

Cake pops work at party and wedding favours, in place of birthday or wedding cake. They make a great thank you gift for teachers or in place of flowers should someone have a baby.  Really I can't think of a reason NOT to give cake pops.  In fact if you're thinking "gee I love this blog" feel free to sent cake pops. 

I'm going to help make that cake pop purchase just a little bit easier.  Catherine is offering 50% off a $50 order of cake pops that can be individual or as a bouquet for a lucky reader.  All you have to do is "Like" the My Cake Pop Shoppe facebook page.  Then come back here and tell me which cake pop design you like the best.  The winner will be selected on Saturday September 24th.

You can get a lot of cake pops for $50 so organize a party, send some to friends or freeze them and eat them all yourself (I won't judge... particularly if you give me one!). 


Anonymous said...

I like the lady bug cake pop!! :) These are soooo yummy!! Your post makes me want to get some right now!! lol - Nadine Osmond

Anonymous said...

I've fallen head over heels for cake pops too. I really like the owls but my most favourite design are the mini cupcakes - adorable! I'm thinking though, that a bunch of Hallowe'en themed cake pops would be perfect for my little daugther's ghost and gobblin party. A perfect size treat for little hands! - Laura DeLong

Anonymous said...

This is too hard to pick. They are all too cute!

If I have to pick one, then the owls

Joanna Zhao

kburpee said...

There are too many to choose from! I love the Angry Birds design, as well as the clowns, the robots and the pirates. I think my favorite though, would have to be the blue and pink lollipop swirls. I think they're the prettiest. :)

Courtney said...

I like the Sunday one! It makes me want both ice cream and cake at the same time!

Catherine hunter said...

Thanks so much for your comments. Halloween pops are in the making. Feedback is much appreciated.

Dominique said...

YES! I fell in love with their cake pops at USM as well and immediately 'liked' (I originally spelt it as 'licked' how fitting!) their fb page. I often wander over to check out new designs. Which ones are my favorite? ALL OF THEM!

Anonymous said...

Now that i am droooling . The fish bowls are amazing , but the ladybugs are really cute, but the pink and white ones are really pretty and girly , then again the flowers look delicous ok ok you get the picture ! I LIKE THEM ALL ! and they would make a great treat for the spa girls ! glenys .

Anonymous said...

I love any and all cake pops. They are just so yummy :)