Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making the Best of Things

Last week was crazy.  On top of it being Orientation at the university there was the power outage on Monday evening, the morning our alarm had been set for PM rather than AM, two 5:45 wake ups, single fur parenting while Husband was away.  Then Friday morning I was heading out of my office at 8:30 to meet my new class of students when I spilled tea down my white blouse.  Yeah, it was that kind of week.

I have a pashmina I keep in my office because it gets cold in there (think I've mentioned that before).  Mum and I bought it at one of the Smithsonians when I was in Washington, DC this Spring. So this is what I wound up wearing for the rest of the day.

This wasn't from Friday but another close up of them can't hurt.
Pashmina- Smithsonian, Washington DC
Belt- PGal's Closet
Trousers- Reitmans
Boots- Steve Madden, Manchester Shoe Salon


Elizabeth said...

That looks really good - how very clever to turn disaster into triumph fashion-wise!

Bru Capraro said...

Loved the colours of your pashmina, beautiful!!!
nice blog!

Manchester Shoe Salon said...

Those boots make any outfit look so stylish! Nice creative work on the pasmina turned funky top!

Natasha said...

I LOVE how your wore that pashima...I'm totally going to have to copy that method!!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired