Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dressed Up Knit Wear

The whole area lost power last night for about 8 hours.  This has led to me being completely off schedule this morning.  It's a fairly big morning since it is our full day of Orientation activities at the university and I happen to be the point person for them.  So blogging with one hand, drying my hair with the other and am quite tired so feeling very nostalgic for Mr. Dress Up having typed the blog title.

While mum and I were away in St. Andrews a couple of weeks ago we went into one of my favourite stores there, Kilt and Kaboodle.  I love their knitwear; it's all so unique! Also, who doesn't love a good kilt? Anyway, this weekend I had cause to dress up and there was a slight hint of Autumn in the air (before hit actually got really warm and humid!).  I expect to be dressing this piece up and down all season.

Sweater/wrap- Kilt & Kaboodle
Dress- Sweet Chemise
Shoes- Michael Kors, Urban Shoe Myth

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Elizabeth said...

I want that sweater/wrap - I want it right now!!!!