Sunday, September 4, 2011

Small Kitten, Small Cost

Little Domino is increasing in size at a steady rate but he's increased in speed at a crazy rate! He's been with us for a week now and his eyes seem completely clear though he still has a little bit of a wheeze.  We're continuing with his antibiotics and L-Lysine and hoping to have 100% healthy kitten very soon.  In the mean time he is super playful, super curious and super keen to see what's in the house outside his foster room. Little guy needs a proper home where he can explore and be around his humans whenever they are home.  At our place he gets as much attention as we can give him but we can't sit on the floor in the foster room all evening long (though I think we'd both like to cause he's hilarious).

He likes to nuzzle on your shoulder

If only he'd looked up so you could see his white dot

Funny Face

He loves dry food, wet food and will even lick his medicine out of a bowl.
David thinks he looks "special". I
I think he's saying "Please adopt me. These humans is crazy."
Anyway if you've been thinking about adding a fluffball to your life this is the perfect time (even if it's not Domino) because the SPCA Animal Rescue League is having a Cats R Cool 4 Back 2 School adoption special.  Domino is currently half price (which makes sense because he's barely have a cat yet!) or 2 for 1 if you're thinking you'd like to get a friend to go with him.  Once he's done his meds and totally healthy he'd be great with another cat.  He's not too fussed by Sadie either as he's seen her a few times when I've not been quick enough closing the door.

Anyway, kittens are usually $125 so he's only $62.50.  That includes his neutering, his micro chip and his adoption fee.  Plus we'll send you home with his teddy that he's been sleeping with and his mouse that he enjoys pouncing on. 


David Thomas said...

$62.50 is a bargain. Even if he is tiny

goodbadnfab said...

You're a talented blogger. I'm keeping my eyes on you! =)

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