Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Won

I wish I won things often enough to have a weekly "What I Won Wednesday" post, but that's unlikely to happen.  However, a couple of weeks ago I did win my choice of a product from Dr. Nicholas Perricone's skin care line via O My Heart. I chose the 3-Minute Facial and, since it's been rather humid and my skin has been rather unhappy with my stress levels lately, it seemed like a good idea to put it to use. 

Came with a little sample of the moisturiser

I do like that the packaging is not over the top girly.

The lengths I will go to for you readers.
So the verdict is that the facial smells lovely.  It has a definite ginger note but not overwhelmingly so.  It has a nice little tingle and left my skin feeling very fresh.  Would I rather have a facial with a scalp massage at a spa?  Yes. Can I afford that this month? No. Free facial definitely wins in this case!!

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