Monday, August 8, 2011

Waterlily's Fosters

I had planned that this week would be very much guest info and that I'd show interest in other people rather than making the blog all about me.  But who was I kidding??  Anyway, I'm not only deviating from the plan for the week, I'm also blogging twice in one day.  I think that's what happens when I basically can't talk! 

If you're from Saint John you've probably heard that the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue has been function at capacity for quite awhile now.  There is a homeless cat epidemic in our area that is horrifying as well as embarassing.  Last week friends who are foster parents put out the message that the shelter was past capacity and that this was a huge concern to all involved.  Many people helped out by adopting kittens and cats on Saturday at the Kitten Shower but there are still so very many cats in need of homes. 

Husband and I decided to respond by being "emergency foster parents".  Just for now we've got two lovely girls living in our spare bathroom (you see how that wouldn't work all the time since people might actually want to visit us). We're desperately hoping that someone we know (or at least connect with via facebook, twitter and this blog) will fall in love with them (cause we already have), take them home and open up a very prompt space for some other little girl. 

Holly wanted to make sure i remembered she was in the backseat.
She's a sweetheart

She started out a little shy but is now quite outgoing.
She likes her towel.

Likes cuddles, particularly ear rubs, treats, drinking from tap and playing.
Portia is very curious about things. 
She looked at Sadie with interest rather than fear

She is a cuddly purrbox.

She has the most awesome fluffy feet with extra toes. So cool.

It's hard to photograph but she's got gorgeous green eyes.
She's just lovely.
Both girls are very used to other cats because they've been at the shelter so long.  Portia has been there since February.  Even with her amazing toes and fabulous fluffies, black cats are less likely to be adopted.  Holly has been at the shelter since March.  They are both spayed which means you can adopt them for just a donation.  We're happy to let you come meet them.  We're also happy to help get them to you if you're further afield.


Elizabeth said...

They are beautiful - hope that someone adopts them soon - before you get too attached!

David Thomas said...

With the right shots and a bit of paperwork I'm sure they could both find themselves in Dorset within a couple of weeks...

Becca said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want the tortie one. Please can I have her :(''''''''''''''''''''''