Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fringe Fest

After trying a day at work yesterday and wiping myself right out, then spending the whole night coughing, I'm staying home and heading back to bed this morning.  But here's today's post of someone who's not currently in their pjs looking like death warmed over.

I'd seen the fringe trend coming and decided it was mostly definitely not me.  Fringe is meant for bikers and hippies but would probably make me look like a rodeo contestant (and not in a cool way at all).  However, paired with the right look fringe might just be for the work place.  Here's Erin pulling off an adorable fringe necklace... that she made herself.  Frig I feel inadequate!

Dress- Sweet Pea Boutique
Sweater- H&M
Belt- J Crew
Sandals- Winners
Necklace- Esquared Jewels

By the way I plan to win that Esquared giveaway so don't bother entering.  Just don't.  Back away from the giveaway!!

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