Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Me Too

Like a fair portion of the population of New Brunswick (and PEI and Nova Scotia and Maine) I headed to the Arcade Fire/U2 concert last weekend. I had to be prepared for all possibilities because the weather in New Brunswick can be unpredictable. I wanted to be comfortable if it was hot and humid but covered so I wouldn't wind up burnt. Unfortunately a large part of the day turned out as predicted... rainy.  Though I guess we can be glad that there was neither snow nor hail.


 And then I spent a good amoutn of the afternoon like this:

Waiting to head in. Cute french braid I did totally destroyed.

Sitting behind the stage was awesome.

Rain Stopped!  With bestie who got my ticket as birthday present!
I have a new found love of rain ponchos.  Mine was awesome. As were my kick ass wellies. I was nice and dry and comfortable all evening.  My fleece came in handy later on but was not photographed. Everyone was thrilled that the rain stopped in time for the performances and it was a very comfortable temperature for hiking across fields, jumping streams and climbing 6 foot embankments.

Top- Pepperberry
Tank- Bamboo
Pants- Reitmans
Wellies- Dunlop

While you're here to read about clothes (and in this case the "fashion" label really doesn't apply!!) I encourage you to check out some the of the charities mentioned during the concert.

The One Campaign
Amnesty International

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Tracey Thorne said...

Did you have tickets in the stands? Pretty sure I saw you on the picture U2 has posted on their site ( - check out the U2 360 link). Its pretty neat!