Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Sadie

Today is Sadie's birthday.  It is the best birthday ever (name that film)! Because of her tiny size people are always assuming that Sadie's just a puppy but today she turns 3. Next week will mark one full year since we brought her home.  It's hard to imagine that we were ever without her.  I vaguly remember a time when Saturday morning wake up wasn't based on Sadie's potty schedule!

This time last year Husband got a new job making us (slightly) more financially stable than when he was supply teaching.  This led to me thinking that maybe we could now commit to having a fluffball.  We'd regularly tried to convince ourselves that we liked smaller dogs.  I'd actually talked us into wanting a Westie (and I still do love them!) at one point but somehow everywhere we went there were adorable Golden Retrievers that we tried to steal.  So there was that.  On top of that we were very clear that we could not handle a puppy.  With both of us working we needed a dog who was already potty trained.  Basically we realised a two year old Golden Retriever would be perfect.  So who gives away a two year old Golden Retriever??  It seemed rather unlikely to me.  I mentioned this to a coworker who within 15 minutes sent me a kijiji link (this was obviously on a coffee break!!) to Sadie.  By the end of the day I'd confirmed that she was available and arranged to go see her.  There was really no turning back after that!!

Bringing Sadie home and taking her for her first walk.

Quickly got used to posing for camera
 We committed to giving Sadie lots of walks as she'd seemed very high energy when we went to visit her.  We soon learned that, with two walks a day, she was as calm as can be in the house.  Now realise that we can never ever have another dog in the future because we had it so easy with Sadie!!

Her previous owners had been allergic so Sadie spent a lot of time outside in the months before we got her.  Sadie loves company more than anything and is a bit nervous so I can't imagine that was a good time for her.  With lots of work she's no longer scared of garbage cans, puddles and things blowing in the wind.  She's still not a fan of big dogs or things that go bump in the night.

Spoiled girl

Very good ranch dog for Halloween
Christmas Collar- Super model pose

Christmas Family Photo

Trying to make friends with Trilly
Happiest Dog in the World

 Life wouldn't be the same without you Sadie.  And my butt would be bigger!

For Sadie's birthday we'll be taking the animals at the Saint John Animal Rescue League items off of their Necessities Wishlist.  Donations of $20 or more of these items will be given receipts for tax purposes. The current list at our shelter is as follows check with your local shelter to see what they need!
• Canned Cat food- Pate
• Animal Bedding Pellets- True Bedding- can be found at Pet Corral
• Cat Collars
• Leashes
• Dog Collars
• High Quality Dog Treats- Dried Chicken Strips (Costco), Tartar Busters, Pigs ears

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Happy Birthday, Sadie1 Love you. xxx