Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sailor Suit

Am home sick from work today.  Wondering if standing in the rain on Saturday and then sitting in a leaking boat on Tuesday did me in or if it was just germs going around the university that were going to hunt me down no matter what. Anyway....

For the last six weeks my Dad and I have teamed up to take an Adult Learn to Sail class at the Rothesay Yacht Club.  For years and years my Dad has said that we should learn to sail and now that I'm back living in Canada it was time.  We haven't exactly had a lot of deep discussions since most of our time is taken up with trying not to stall out completely (being stuck in irons that's called) or fall out of the boat. 

The little boats we've been learning on
 We've had a great time and amazing weather.  Every week the instructor says we'll learn things like boat safety and knots when it rains but it hasn't rained once!  I can get someone else to tie knots for me right? Actually Dad's not too bad with knots so as long as I have him as crew I'm sure I'm fine.  Since I've had Dad wrapped around my little finger since birth it's hardly surprising that I tend to be in charge!

Rothesay Yacht Club
 Last week three club members came to class and took us out in big boy boats.  These crazy gentlemen actually let us steer their boats and control the sails and things.  Insane!  Anyway, we realised that sailing does not have to be bailing water and the boat turning in circles every time you sneeze.  In our little dinghies I could never take a camera or my phone along but on a proper sail boat it was safe to take photos without having to dry my phone out in rice for days after (did I tell you Husband fell in the lake at work last week??).

Our classmates set up their boat.

Some of our classmates were on that boat.

I'm going to miss sailing class now that our 6 weeks are done.  I'm hoping to go and watch a race night some Thursday soon.  Perhaps Husband will not be working for once and can go with me!!

This was actually the worst weather we had all month.

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