Monday, August 1, 2011

Cozy Up

Today I'm excited to be writing about another local hand crafted indy company that happens to be the result of hard work by someone I've known for years.  Katie of Cozy Owl Designs is the little sister (and cousin) of guys I hung out with in high school.  Amazing how a two year ages difference makes such a big difference in high school eh?  Anyway, Katie is now a wife and mother who crochets the most adorable items, originally for kids but now she offers an increasing number of pretty pretty things for the rest of us!!   

Recognize the white one from some of my posts?

Items have to pass approval from the toughest critics,  her three year old and son and 18 month daughter.
The leather soles on all of her shoes were added when her twin sister went flying on her hard wood floor while wearing a pair of her slippers.  Thanks to her family's safety testing, all of her products are durable as well as adorable

Katie's mom taught her to crochet in high school (note: I have no recollection of anyone crocheting when we were in high school ) but afghans were not overly inspiring.  It wasn't until Katie tried making a baby hat for her little guy that she realised crocheting could be good fun.  Getting inspiration from the internet Katie created her own patterns and discovered that mistakes could turn into something really good.  Her mary janes were the result of sneakers gone wrong!!

 I am particularly in love with Katie's hats.  Obviously I also need one of her new vintage inspired felt hats. Felt hats take much more work as they have to be crocheted double size and then shrunk down.  Craziness!! Katie has teamed up with Briar Patch Boutique for flowers for some of her hats.

But this is where I'm totally torn.  This winter should I be sporting an owl or a sock monkey hat?  Because I NEED to have one or the other. 

Katie's little monkeys.
So leave me a comment below and let me know which Cozy Owl winter hat I need, Owl or Monkey?  I'll select somone to win 50% off the purchase of any Cozy Owl design.  Check out Katie's facebook albums for some of her products and keep in mind that most of her work is customised for the client so the 50% off item can be tailored specifically for you.

Feel free to leave the comment as "anonymous" and just include your name and email in the message if you have trouble signing in to blogger.  Or email ldanddtwedding[at]gmail[dot]com. You're not required to follow my blog on Google Friend Connect in order to enter but it would be nice if you did!

Owl or Monkey?? Competition will close on Friday August 5th at noon.

As a surprise for Katie, this is a photo of Katie, Me and her twin sister Megan from high school!


Elizabeth said...

Lovely stuff! I think the felt hats are just stunning but the owl hats are fun so perhaps you should have one of each?

Full of Fabulous said...

I think you most definitely need the owl & I absolutely must have one of those vintage style hats! That purple one is amazing!
I'm pretty sure I will win because I'm rather determined.

I'm just sayin'

robyn said...

I have know Katie and Megan forever...! Since we were babies! I love her stuff, and even better, she's an amazing lady! I would def. go with the owl's too cute, and "who, who" wouldn't look great sporting an owl? said...

That stuff is so cute!!!! I love the owl hat. Thanks for introducing me to another great local artist - I think it is great when people buy local so I may need to place a Christmas order for some of those darn cute hats!