Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A House Full of Fluff

Good morning everyone.  I hope you feel better than I do.  That's not really saying much actually.  I hope you feel A LOT better than I do.  Doctor says I have a virus so really I just need lots of rest and no matter what I shouldn't expect to feel healthy again until after the weekend.  So that sucks. 

What is making me happy this morning is the jingling sound of these two playing downstairs in their room.

Also I don't feel like eating at all this morning so this one has been taking advantage of my cereal bowl (Photo from the weekend but you get the idea).

And this one is pretty conked out this morning because yesterday evening was so very very interesting.  Last night while I was out at the doctor's Husband let everyone meet each other.  Tiny Trilly (and she looks tiny even compared to the little ladies who are our guests) made it very clear that it was her house and the foster girls respected that.  They loved exploring and we discovered that Holly loves playing with the laser mouse as much as Trilly.  She has an adorable run.  Miss Portia loved the back of the couch but was the one who was the brave explorer of upstairs. Trilly went in and played with every single toy in the foster room just to prove a point (most of them are her toys that she wouldn't look at twice outside of the foster room). Sadie was a super good girl and sat where she was told watching.  When I came home she had her tongue lollying out and was the happiest dog ever.  Today she's mostly crashed out like this.

I've already booked Friday as as vacation day so just trying to get through work today and tomorrow.  Tomorrow I have more cute outfit photos lined up.  Please do tell your friends about our foster kitties.  If you know anyone looking for a kitten my friends have several adorable little ones waiting for homes.  Once those have homes more cats from the shelter can be fostered which is much healthier for them.

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