Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hair Brained Idea

I've decided to do something between now and my birthday next February.  I'm going to grow my hair and on my birthday I'm going to cut it off and donate it to Locks of Love, an organisation that helps children who have long-term medical hair loss.  I'm hoping that by the time my birthday rolls around my hair will be long enough to cut off the 10 inches they want and still have a cute little bob. My husband didn't greet this news with glee but he'll get over it.  He's been through a portion of my hair change history.  
Here's just a portion of my varied hair history.  I had waist length hair until I was 16 years old.  That's a long time to have loooonnnnggg hair so since then I've not been afraid to change my hair around.  I realised it always grows out again!! 

First Birthday

Age 8

Grade 8 Grad
Summer before Grade 10

High School Grad Photo
University Grad Photo
Austria 2004- I go red


Austria 2006

UK 2007
Wedding Rehearsal. 2008

UK Spring 2009

April 2011

Most recent hair length shot.
Thanks Sheldon Parsons.

My wonderful hair dress Glenys from Intuition Spa will be helping me out trimming my hair to keep it healthy and level out some of the layering issues that are likely to occur.  I'll be giving you an update every once in awhile as time goes on and before you know it we'll be having a cutting party over at Intuition.  Care to join me??

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David Thomas said...

Husband wasn't keen because he had never heard about Locks of Love. Am now completely onboard - though I do prefer Leigh-Ellen with longer hair...

As Leigh-Ellen once said: "At 16 I broke my daddy's heart and cut my hair. If I can do that to my daddy, you don't stand a chance."