Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anniversary by the Sea

David and I decided to celebrate our anniversary on the one day he could get off work by walking the Marathon by the Sea 5 Miler this past Sunday a long with a gang of folks from Simply for Life.  It was the first time either of us were involved with the Marathon by the Sea at all so we really didn't know what to expect.  Unfortunately I spent much of the two weeks leading up to the event in bed and when I wasn't in bed I was wishing I was in bed or counting down to being allowed to go back to bed.

I'd asked about taking Miss Sadie on the walk with us since it was actually her one year anniversary as well. It seemed a little unclear but basically if you kept your dog from messing up everyone else starting then it was ok.  We brought her along to the park and she was being a very good girl but David got uncomfortable with the looks he was perceiving from the competitive runners.  Now it's my impression that the really competitive runners were largely seeing ALL of us as a pain in the neck rather than little Sades.  However, Sadie got left in the dog kennels in the boat house at DayTripping when we set off.

Ready to start.

Right in front of us for most of the walk was a lovely dog and his owner who were both having an excellent time.  David apologized because Sadie would have been totally fine on the walk AND the doggy got a participant's medal too.  How cute would Sadie be with a participant's medal?? Seriously!

Maybe not the most competitive person out there.
 Next year we'll make sure we're used to getting up earlier before the race.  Hopefully there weren't be any horrible viruses and the time will be much much better than this year.  As it was we crossed the line just after the kid who won the half marathon and he did an amazing job.  It was fun to cheer him on to the finish line.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Photo Courtesy of Keith Hawkins

PS. If you  happened to see the photo in the Telegraph Journal please purge that from your memory! 


Julia Hurst said...

Sadie is sooo cute ! Golden's are my absolute favorite. I had one at my parents house named Mango.

Melissa Wright said...

Love doggies!! We have a bichon, he never would have made the 5 miles. Hope your dog gets to go next year!