Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Travels Honeymoon Edition

In honour of yesterday being our anniversary I thought it would be fitting for today's Tuesday Travels (the first one in awhile!) to be about our honeymoon in Malta.  For those of you who don't know, Malta is in the Mediterranean near Sicily.  There are actually three inhabited islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.  Due to the fact that Malta was a British colony English is one of the official languages and they drive on the wrong (:P) side of the road.  Though they drive like the Italians so that adds to the excitement of it all.  We had a rental car.  I drove it for about 30 minutes before freaking out and refusing to drive anymore.

My driving experience aside we had a wonderful time in Malta.  It was very very warm (in August in the Meditterranean... who'd have thought?) so we tended to explore in the mornings and then come back to enjoy the pool and air conditioning at the hotel in the afternoons.  We found prices really reasonable as tourists haven't completely over run Malta the way they have so much of the region and I was thrilled that you could get gelato everywhere!

When we arrived at our hotel (after I'd stopped driving) we were asked to wait in the lobby which made us a little concerned.  Next thing you know we're being told that the floor we were scheduled to stay on had been flooded.  So we were being taken across the way to their brand new five star sister hotel to stay there.  Oh and the only rooms that were available to put us in where massive with fabulous views.  Rough, eh?

View from our balcony

One of the hotel pools

The harbour near our hotel

I was taught by my mother that when in doubt, book a boat excursion.  I find this has worked out well for me in so many situations.  So one day we spent the day on a boat going around the islands with a stop at the Blue Lagoon (and a pretty good lunch!).

Another day we took the ferry across and explored Gozo which has a very impressive fortress which kind of acts as an oven.  There was a point where I sat down on some stairs and refused to climb any higher since we could already see everything.  I greatly enjoyed Gozo though.  Would be a wonderful spot to rent a cottage.

Azure Window

National Shrine
Malta's Rotunda has the third largest unsuported dome in the world and yet it's actually kind of hard to find!

As with many people on their honeymoons, we wound up with very few photos of both of us since who was going to take them? I had not yet adopted the timer technique.  Here's one of the few.

Sushi at the roof top restaurant at our hotel.

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