Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good Bye My Friend

During all the anniversary excitement don't think I forgot about returning my lovely Bling Borrower item.  Over the last month my Michael Kors Gansvoort and I bonded.  The first day I had it I was terrified to leave it out of its cloth bag.  It took about a week for me to be comfortable putting it down on the floor (in my house and office).  By the time it trekked off to Halifax with me experiencing the lovely Public Gardens it felt like my own (except I promise I still kept a better eye on it cause I wasn't willing to bang it against anything!!).  I really do stick by my belief that it goes with almost anything!

Taken in my office

Making friends with my MK Jeans and MK daisy flats

So what should I get next??


Bling Borrowers said...

Your pictures are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing. And we agree... it does go with everything!

Kelly said...

what a beautiful bag! how about something in a fall shade next, like rust or goldenrod?