Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Travel- Krimml Waterfall, Austria

I lived in Austria for 9 months back in 2003-2004 and then again for 4 months in 2006.  Almost every season makes me miss Austria.  I lived in the midst of the Austrian Alps where at times life is hard, but it's beautiful in every season.  This past week I've specifically been thinking about a beautiful spot at the end of our valley called Krimml Waterfall.  Krimml is the highest waterfall in Europe and the fifth highest waterfall in the world.  It's quite the little hike.

The upper portions aren't overly accessible in the colder parts of the year.  This next visit was in November of 2003 and it was already pretty icy.  We only checked out the lower portion but it was strikingly beautiful.

Ok so maybe I'm not stunningly beautiful but there I am.


Elizabeth said...

Great pics - hope you get to visit there again one day.

rider said...

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