Monday, July 25, 2011

Low Key Work Wear

Some of you reading my blog may wonder just what season it is I'm living in.  Shorts posts, summer dresses, jackets and long sleeves. Craziness!  We do get a full range of weather and temperatures in good old New Brunswick and, while we've had some lovely days, many summer evenings do get a bit chilly.  That means when going out in the evening it's always a good idea to have a jacket!

Mother in law brought this White Stuff tunic over for me.
Love it!

Just holding up the deck- lol.

Husband took this one while I was tying it up and I liked it.

Tunic- White Stuff UK
Leggings- Reitmans (love their Petites for us Short Arses!)
Jacket- Buffalo (sometimes Sears is such a good thing)
Necklace- Swarovski (I used to live in Austria so it makes me sentimental. Plus was a gift from two very good friends)
Belt- Stolen from my mother. Cheap shopping
Boots- Spring
Bag- New Look UK

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