Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Story Of Trilly

Our little Trilly is so young that she's actually still growing.  She's gotten both longer and taller (and ummm plumper) since we got her.  She likes to run and play and is still very kittenish in many ways.  So it really messes with my mind that our little fluffball has been through so much in her short little life. 

I recently got to meet Kailie of Kailie's Foster Kitties.  I have a whole blog post planned about Kailie and what she does but somehow this has already turned into a story about our little Trill so I'll do a follow up feature next week and just sort of roll with it. 

Little Miss Trilly was turned in to the Animal Rescue League last September.  She was maybe six months old and it soon became apparant that she was pregnant.  I'm guessing this was not Trilly's idea of life going well but being pregnant was probably the best thing that could have happened to her because it meant that she was sent off to be fostered by Kailie!

Trilly's first day with Kailie
 Trilly got her own room, lots of love and head bumps.  Trilly LOVES head bumps.  Head bumps are her favourite... after food.  Eventually Tiny Trilly (I call her Tiny most of the time) gave birth to five kittens.  FIVE!! 

Even pregnant Trilly was not a very big kitty

The day the kittens were born

Kitten's Birthday
Kailie says that Trilly was a super mom and took very good care of her five offspring who before long weren't all that much smaller than Trill.

I think most mom's can relate to the look on her face

A moment to herself.
All five kittens grew up nice and healthy and before long Trilly was telling them to take care of themselves already.  Now that I can imagine because I'm guessing it looked a little bit like Trilly dealing with Sadie (I mean once the hissing of the first week started... but I'm getting ahead of myself).  Kittens headed off to their new homes but Trilly stayed on at Kailie's.  In fact she even helped out with someone elses kittens for awhile.  Months went by and Kailie's other half was likely beginnign to think they might be keeping Trilly permanently.  However, Trilly was just having to wait for us to figure out that we wanted a kitty at our house.  Kailie finally made the decision to send Trilly to the Pet Coral in Quispamsis where she stood a better chance of finding a forever home.  And that is where David met her one day while picking up treats for Sadie.

Trilly's Home at Pet Corral
Ready to bring Tilly home

Introducing Trilly to the house
 We put in the paperwork to the Animal Rescue League via the Pet Corral staff the day after we met her.  We were approved the day after that and brought her home the morning of the third day.  I guess I really should have saved this post for the day we're celebrating as her birthday but it's a long time until next St. Patrick's Day! 

Interested in taking home a little mama of your own? Interested in a kitten who will have been cared for lovingly and photographed since birth? Check out Kailie's Foster Kitties facebook page and tune in for my follow up post next week!

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Jo said...

What a nice story! I love the pics. So glad she found a great home with you. I also have a cat and dog that often find their way onto my blog. Life with furries is fun :)