Thursday, July 7, 2011

Storage Art

Lately there has been an organisation trend going around the blogisphere.  Perhaps its the time of year encouraging us all to simplify.  Lighter days, lighter clothes, lighten the clutter?  I can't stand clutter.  Clutter makes it hard for me to think.  (I think this post might be another session of Leigh-Ellen Has Issues!) I like relatively clear surfaces and can be a little ruthless with my closet purging.  On the other hand I also like to keep things with sentimental value around where I can see them. 

As I've mentioned before, most of my accessories are dear to me because they have emotional meaning (most of them aren't really worth all that much $$ wise).  When we moved into our home we bought a lovely bedroom set which we're almost finished paying for.  Most of my jewelry got dumped in the top drawer of my bedside table.  Since I don't deal well with clutter I generally avoided looking in there which meant I didn't wear much of my jewelry.  This is where I should have a before picture of the cluttered drawer but I don't.... cause I hate clutter.  I think we've covered that.

Anyway, this started to bother husband a little bit as some of those pieces had sentimental worth because they came from him.  Just after Christmas he told me to find something I liked already. I'd received an Indigo gift card for Christmas and oddly enough, found the answer to my jewelry display dilemma there!

I think this office organiser actually makes a beautiful display piece and the white looks lovely against our silver grey bedroom walls.  The photos of husband and myself are from our engagement shoot by Chris Taylor.  I love an excuse to have more of those around.  The centre photo is from our wedding.  We had lovely wrapped flowers at everyone's place (by Chloris Flowers  If you check out their Brides on their Day section you'll see me!)

My larger pieces now live in this shadow box, originally designed for photos and memorabilia which just seemed perfect.  Husband was happy that I was happy and hung them up for me immediately.  He's a pretty good husband sometimes. 

I still had my earrings and bits and pieces in the drawer but at least most things were sorted.  Then one day while wandering around Costco (isn't it amazing the things you wind up bringing home from that place that you had no idea you wanted?) I found a solution that worked perfectly with my streamlined, dark dresser needs.

This now houses earrings, pins, even hair pieces as well as other little pretty nicknacks that I like to have nearby.  The little panda is Sherry.  She came home with me from my Mother/Daughter trip to Washington, DC this Spring for the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Expect to see that in an upcoming Tuesday Travels post!

So how are you keeping things organised and streamlined these days?

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