Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bling Borrowers- Wedding Season

I'm guest blogging over on the Bling Blog for Bling Borrowers again.  This time I look at Designer Styling Tips to get you through Wedding Season... on a budget.  Indecisive little me is currently deciding which pretty bag to play with first so expect to see a post (or posts) featuring a Bling Bag and my experience with the process before long.  I mean unless I take two months making up my mind!! 

Poppy Patent Spotlight BagOnce you've checked out the pretty bags and my post head on over to Bling Borrowers' Facebook page and if you feel so inclined "Like" them.  Then leave them a message saying I sent you.  Then go tell your friends and get them to say you sent them.  $1 credit per friend!!

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