Friday, July 22, 2011

Keeping it Crisp

Here we go with a series of first.  This is my first outfit post with my lovely Bling Borrower bag.  It's also the first time I'm going to appear wearing shorts on the blog.  Probably.  Unless I've editted that out by the time you're reading this!

The Michael Kors Gansevoort bag made its first outing when we went to see Cirque du Soleil last weekend.  It was an incredibly warm day so I knew I'd need to dress cooly, but at the same time we'd be sitting on plastic seats and I didn't want to stick.  So I went with a crisp button down shirt, black shorts and some wedges.  Oh and my adorable new headband that combines pearls and bows with a pearl bow! I'd originally planned on wearing a plain white shirt but changed my mind at the last minute.  Instead I wore one with a black pinstripe. The plain shirt will probably be paired with the outfit sometime soon.

Michael Kors Gansvoort

Love the buckle details

Those are the same Joe Fresh shorts in black that I've shown in green. Love them.

A Spring purchase from Urban Shoe Myth

Pasty legs

Big bag= leg coverage!

Top- Suzy Shier
Shorts- Joe Fresh
Sandals- Steve Madden, Urban Shoe Myth
Headband- Band Geek
Bag- Michael Kors, Bling Borrowers


Ginger said...

Love it! Splash of colour to add to any outfit! Thanks so much for posting!

Full of Fabulous said...

Oh my goodness! You look great! Pale is hot!!