Sunday, July 17, 2011

Borrowing Some Bag Bling

Not too long ago a Canadian company put out a twitter request for bloggers interested in writing some guests posts for their blog.  The company was Bling Borrowers and the blogger they wound up with was me.  I know, I feel sorry for them too!!  In short Bling Borrowers lets us get our hands on bags that otherwise we'd just be looking at in magazines.  It's not so much "Why buy when you can rent?" as "Why dream when you can have". 

For those lucky ladies (and perhaps a few discerning men?) in Calgary Bling Borrowers offers Trunk Shows but the rest of us are dependent on Canada Post.  Since Canada Post wasn't so dependable for a few weeks I wasn't able to try out the service for myself until now.  Just over a week ago I contacted the lovely ladies of Bling Borrowers with the bag I wanted (which was marked available on the website).  They were super helpful and friendly.  It seemed like minutes after I put in my request that I received notification from Canada Post that it had been shipped.  The great thing is that your time with your bag doesn't start until it is delievered to you. I'll be spending a month with a Micheal Kors bag and reporting back on the experience.

Doesn't look like an exciting package but it is!

LOVE this! Definitely wouldn't want to stab a designer bag!

Tissue Paper Layer

The bag comes in it's own bag!

Little sneak peak

Love all the little details.

Pretty straight forward.  Have to make sure the cat doesn't claw up the box!
 Look forward to endless outfit posts with the bag.  I looked at a variety of options but when I asked myself which bag I most wished I owned it came back to this one every time.  So fairly confident I'm going to get good use out of it.  Next time around I am going to aim for a little bag, I really am.  But I'm so drawn to big handbags!

Now head over to the Bling Blog and check out my latest post!


barb c said...

Great post Leigh-Ellen
Their service is excellent and very friendly, eh?

I'm a big fan.

Bling Borrowers said...

Thanks for posting about us Leigh-Ellen! We love having you blog about us!