Friday, June 3, 2011

What to Expect

Well having gotten that pesky first post out of the way (I now have trumpets playing Last Post in my head) . I should probably give people a slightly better idea of what you might find on this blog.  I mean if you're here looking for cooking tips you're going to be sadly disappointed.  I do accept cooking tips though.  Feel free to use that comment function! So what can you expect?  Well obviously some rambling and a few random thoughts, but that's just me.  And that's what you can expect on this blog-ME!  I work at the local university and I'm not crafty or artistic so I'm not trying to sell you anything.  I'll let you know if I think of a way to sell you things though!

Golden Retriever- Sadie, Cat who rules us all- Trilly

I intend to have regular posts about some of the places I have visited both fabulous and less than.  Perhaps some insider travel tips and at some point I'll have to fill you in on how to bring back souvenirs, both delicate and pricey (like say a husband).  At times you'll be subjected to my great love of shoes, bags and accessories in general (they never make you feel fat) and also the loves of my life: my husband, golden retriever and cat (not necessarily in that order).  In fact it's about time for a photo of the adorable ones.

In the future you can expect stories about the Saint John Animal Rescue League and the amazing Kailie's Foster Kitties who helped our little Trilly until she came to us.   I also expect to share my experiences with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Tim Hortons Camp, World Vision and many other amazing organisations out there doing such great work to make our computer and our world a better place.

But before I start sounding too virtuous and philanthropic, mostly you're going to get slightly narcississtic ramblings about my life, my likes, my dislikes and a lot of photos that I can no longer inflict on friends and family because they're cutting me off! Oh! And at some point I'll attempt to figure out a way to give you free stuff but for now, not so much, cause I'm broke!

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Elizabeth said...

Waiting with bated breath to see the list of adored creatures in 1-2-3 order!