Monday, June 6, 2011

Living Near Family

For those who don't know me (and I'm fairly certain my readership is largely comprised of my husband and mother-in-law) my husband and I met in England.  I went over to teach high school for a year and three years later was filling out papers to bring back a rather expensive souvenir. Anyway, we lived pretty far away from his family in the UK.  When we moved to Canada we wound up 15 minutes (Canadians measure distance in how long it takes to drive it by the way) from my parents.  Having lived across an ocean it's a bit odd to be so close sometimes (oh and I work in the same building as my Mum) but sometimes it comes in very very handy.

Sadie Working the Green Paw Look

Sadie and I set out to mow the lawn this weekend only to have the mower make terrifying rattling noises.  We were both rather put off by this.  Next thing you know the parents arrive with their mower and whisk mine off to be looked at.  Gotta love it.  Actually if Mum weren't dying from a cold she'd have mowed it for me. 

Poor Long Suffering Sadie

Sometime I'll post photos of Sadie and I mowing as it's pretty funny to see a tiny golden retriever fastened to someone's waist "helping" mow, but for today here's what happens when you combine fresh cut grass and nearly white paws.

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