Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome to the Pond

 I have to imagine that the first post on a blog is the most difficult since you have to introduce yourself in a way that isn't horribly uncool, scarily friendly or just generally off-putting.  When I was a student I used to write the entire body of an essay and save the opening paragraph for last.  I guess I can't exactly jump to post ten and come back to this one later can I?  Darn.

Decorated to match my outfit of course! 
Anyone who knows me will expect me to introduce my pets (I talk about them entirely too much) so that's exactly what I'm not going to do.  Instead I'm going to let you get to know me through my 30th birthday party held this past winter.  I'm still dealing with no longer being a 20-something, but at least I did it up in style!

McPhee's Bakery in Quispamsis has
all the old cake pans from when we were kids!
The theme for my 30th was Children of the 80s.  I was 8 when the 80s ended and quite honestly I wasn't aware that Madonna existed.  What can I say? I was sheltered.  Instead I wanted to celebrate the things I did remember pop rocks, nerds, kool aid and neon colours.  Not to mention carebears, popples and cabbage patch dolls.
Three of my best girls

My girls came from all over to help me celebrate and did the 80s up big time.  Crimping while watching Dirty Dancing, eating Cracker Jacks out of my brand new Smurfette lunch box?  I think yes!
Husband and I

My husband was also super supportive (or at least held on for the experience and never used the word Crazy). He even cleaned the house while I was off buying tacky wrist corsages and 40 helium balloons.  We went as Prom King and Queen since he already owns a tux.  Plus it meant that at some  point in the evening I could get him to do this:
Husband my not be aware this is
appearing on blog!  Shhhhh... 


Adam Shaftoe said...

It's about time you started writing :)

Elizabeth said...

I shall follow your blog avidly from this side of the pond!