Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Lovin'

The weather has been so up and down lately that I'm struggling to get into summer mode.  We've had some absolutely gorgeous days here in Atlantic Canada.  We've also had days that sent me running to find my fleece liners for my wellies.   However, generally when summer arrives everything gets lighter- the days, the work load (still waiting for that one), the clothing and the accessories.

Accessorize, UK Spring 2011

When the sun is shining the temperatures start to rise there are two items that are becoming absolute favourits for this summer.  Most summers I switch from a heavy leather handbag to something cloth. It's lighter weight, doesn't stick to you if you get a little sweaty and generally you don't have to worry about it getting soaked by snow or heavy rains (obviously I've run back to my CK leather stand by a few times lately!).  Before I had a chance to rummage through the options stored in my closet my bag of the season arrived courtesy of my sister-in-law in the UK.  My mother-in-law brought it over as a belated birthday present and I've been in love ever since.  Actually a lot of my favourite items are from the UK right now.  Expect more to be featured very soon!

Beautiful Bead Detail

I love pretty girly things with a lot of detailing.  It also has a sumptuous peach liner.  One draw back of cloth bags is they don't offer as many pockets and pouches for keeping organised.  This one only has a small pocket but I figure that's a sign to simplify life during the summer!

The other item I've been loving are my adorable Micheal Kors cutout ballet flats from Urban Shoe Myth.  I bought them at their grand openning event ages ago and have been waiting for the weather to dry up so I can properly enjoy them.  New Brunswick hasn't landed firmly in sandal weather yet but I like that these hint at an openness without leaving my toes cold. I'm not "edgy".  Never in the history of time have I been "edgy".  I like flirty and cute but have been trying to make that a tiny bit more grown up lately.  I think these manage to straddle that line successfully.   Another fabulous benefit to these?  No need to have the pedicure perfect!

Photo courtesy of Urban Shoe Myth
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Both of these items are part of an outfit post I have planned .  I expect you'll see them regularly, particularly if you bump into me out and about this summer. 


Elizabeth said...

Ooh - love those shoes! I don't remember that you wore them when we were over - but I am not always that observant.

Kim said...

Love the bag! I miss that shop and River Island!