Friday, June 10, 2011

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Kor Water Bottle (Delta)
 I know you'll have heard this hundreds of times but the key to feeling good is proper hydration.  If you're feeling tired and run down back away from the coffee and reach for the water.  It's also been shown to boost your metabolism and aid weight loss.  Since embarking on my Simply for Life-style change (my husband so hates the word Lifestyle! I'm going to hear about the fact that I used it here) I now regularly get 3 litres a day on a boring day.  On a really warm day or if I get my butt to the gym that goes up.

By the way, extra benefit of proper hydration is the regular trips to the bathroom.  It gets you up and away from your desk, adds some extra steps to your day and often you run into other people on your way to and from the facilities giving you added socialisation. 

Aren't they too cute?

Anyway, all this water drinking makes having a really good re-usable water bottle very important. I like to have a litre bottle since it gives me a boost when I drain it knowing that I'm another litre up. Unfortunately it's hard to find cute water bottles that are a litre.  It seems that for a cute, healthy, hydration accessory the options are largely 750ml. I'm hoping that Kor Water will eventually kick their sizes up a notch but otherwise who wouldn't be happy to compromise in order to get a water bottle this cute from a company with a social conscience.  A percentage of their sales are donated  to non-profits that focus on water related issues.

So this summer resolve to find a cute bottle and take it with you everywhere.  While you're at it order this one for me ok?
Kor One Special Edition
Ice Blue (Orchid Pink also super cute)

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Elizabeth said...

Very sound advice - and you are proof that it works. Will keep my eye out for a litre water bottle that ticks the boxes!