Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Joys of Home Ownership

Husband and I bought our first house a year and a half ago.  After years of complaining about paying other people's mortgages it was very exciting to simply be paying our own.  At least it was exciting for a few minutes before the reality of home ownership sunk in; then it was a little terrifying.  Our house was a new build (also very exciting for a few minutes) which meant everything was bright and shiny except for things like towel racks and toilet paper holders which were non-existent.  Did you know that when they build you a house they don't put those in? Cause they don't!

There are many things you totally forget about when renting a property, things like snow removal and lawn care.  After this past Winter the idea of not being responsible for my own snow removal seems really really good. There are also times when I'm pushing the lawn mower that I start to wonder why we decided we needed quite so much grass and why it has so many edges that then need tidying up.  But then I sit on the deck and see this and all the watering (It was soooo dry when we sodded last Spring.  Seems Mother Nature was saving all for this Spring) and weeding and cutting is worth it.

This time last year our flowerbeds were non-existent so this Spring is the first time I am seeing many of our plants in bloom.  I'm not a gardener (I had Mum come over on the weekend to confirm that a couple of things were indeed weeds and needed to be pulled as I really couldn't remember) so there are several plants that I'm not sure what they're even going to do. Forgive me if you're not at all a plant person but here are a few of the blooms we've seen on our property for the first time this year.

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Elizabeth said...

Ooh- so beautiful! I hope you both get plenty of time and good weather to enjoy your lovely garden.