Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Travels- A Roman Holiday

With the Canadian summer fighting to appear here on the east coast there are times I find myself dreaming of warmer climes, places that are warm in May rather than still requiring jackets in June.  Sigh.  I was recently reminded that last month marked 10 years since my first trip to Rome as an undergraduate student.  It was warm for that May Intersession trip. Warm is good. I've since been back to Rome a few times though not in a fair number of years now.  Attached are some of my views of Rome, most of them warm, but there was that one trip in February where it hailed on us and coats were required. My traveling companions may even have worn scarves, but then they grew up in Florida!

I truly love this photo! Somewhere I have a collection of
nuns and priests photos from my first trip but I don't think
they're in digital form.

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