Saturday, June 11, 2011

Out of My Comfort Zone

Don't expect many car reviews on this blog.  Not exactly my forte. I've spent enough time watching Top Gear that a certain amount of knowledge has seeped in against my will but generally motor vehicles and their attributes fall into the category of "things handled by husband because he likes that stuff".  However, occasionally I am forced to recognise that some vehicles just suck. Yes, that's the scientific term for the rental car (that's hire car for the Brits in the audience) I was forced to drive earlier this week.

A few weeks ago someone decided to test laws of physics and attempt to place two objects on the same spot.  In other words, someone decided to try parking where our car was already positioned.  The damage wasn't extensive but it needed to go in to be fixed.  See before and after photos.

Back of vehicle not shiny and new.
Back of vehicle shiny and new.

Side note: We name our cars.  It's a family thing on my husband's side. Our Mazda5 is called Mia and my darling little Sentra is named Saffie (for Sapphire which is her colour).  Saffie got dinged last year so that's each of our cars now, neither time our fault at all.  I love my little car which is sporty but roomy with a moonroof (why is it called that now instead of a sunroof?) and satellite radio.

Saffie all new and shiny

 So to get back to the rant, I had to let husband drive my car while I took the Dodge Caliber  (Don't ask me more info than that. I read the back and it said dodge caliber) to work.  Why would someone create a vehicle with a windscreen that's this big and a back windscreen that's even smaller?  The dash area could house a family of 4 leaving someone of average height (Statistically 5'3 and a half is actually average height... shut up!) having to find a balance between sitting high enough up to see while still being able to reach the pedals.  Oh and it was noisy as can be! Unimpressed on all accounts.

I have to admit that I get a little cranky on mornings when I have to listen to regular old radio after having satellite in my car.  I'm lucky if they play 1.5 songs during my 25 minute commute to the university. To make matters worse the car stereo seemed to be entirely treble with no bass whatsoever and I figured messing with the tuning (which I couldn't find) was probably as distracting as manually programming your gps which is now an offense in the province of New Brunswick.  Somewhere in the middle of an infuriating "Thing You Didn't Know, You Didn't Know" (how stupid do they think the population of Saint John is?).  I had to turn it off and listen to the overwhelming road noise the rest of the way.  

Me in the trunk
 Ok, rant finished.  We will now attempt to return to our normally postive experience! To close with something lighter, when we got the Sentra my husband was impressed with the size of the trunk (that's boot for the Brits... look at me simultaneously translating) and figured I could fit in it.  A photo op was born.  When we got the Mazda it was blazingly obvious that both of us plus the pets and some friends could fit in the back but a photo was necessary all the same.  

Husband in the boot.

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