Friday, January 25, 2013

Rainbow Bright

The last time I was getting my nails done the esthetician said, "You should have taken photos of all of your nail colours so we can keep track of how they turned out." What kind of blogger did she take me for? Well, I have a suspicious that I'm missing one and I am now thinking I should have taken them exactly the same every time to turn into some sort of collage but here you are, a Friday retrospective of my nails the past few months. I'm going to admit upfront that these are not in order but I couldn't be bothered to flight with blogger!

These are all shellac colours done for me at Intuitions Spa .  I usually get about 2 1/2 weeks of my nails looking freshly done.  That is longer than some people but most people get about 2 weeks of their nails looking like new. 


Jess said...

I love them all!

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

leigh-ellen, i love alllll those nail designs! so pretty!