Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'm having one of those weeks where I feel like I'm juggling a variety of mismatched objects.  Juggling mismatched objects is much harder than juggling identical balls.  I know this because I juggled briefly in university.  By that I mean I had a few friends who were good fun who took juggling quite seriously so a one point I tried juggling while mostly sitting around hanging out.  The friends on the other hand eventually worked their way up to juggling things like fire (had to get special permission from security to be allowed to do that... bet you couldn't get permission these days). 

Anyway,  the point was not actually juggling.  The point was (and is) that I have quite a few very different projects on the go right now.  This week I managed to launch an initiative at work that I'd been work up to off and on since last June. That's had me scurrying some this week.  Plus I'm giving a series of workshops at work.  Plus the regular stuff that I do.

I've mentioned before that I'm a member of the Canadian Progress Club Ignite.  We're a group of women who volunteer and fund raise in order to help women and children in our community.  Having taken a break over the holidays we're now back into things full tilt.  We have volunteer activities coming up and some fun socials.  We're also giving away a cute pair of purple earrings to a lucky fan of our facebook page. Plus we're putting together a fabulous basket of goodies to raffle off next month. 

Then of course there's looking forward to a long weekend with Husband once we make it through this crazy, tiring week. It's nice to look forward to a weekend spent entirely around here.  No rushing off somewhere else or putting lots of time in on the road.  Instead we're seeing some friends and having a birthday dinner with my parents and enjoying a massage that will be covered by my health benefits (hurray free massage!).

It's fun to feel there are so many things going on.  I love having lots of things to plan and organize.  On the other hand I would like a couple of early nights! I had to bow out of step class early the last couple of times because I'm just feeling slightly woozy and drained. 

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