Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Last night I was sulky because I wanted chocolate.  Actually I wanted a chocolate brownie. I was sulking because obviously I did not have a brownie but also because I'm not supposed to be giving into whims and consuming calories out of boredom... or annoyance at the weather.

Then Tiny the cat had his Tuesday weigh in on Facebook.  Tiny was left outside the Fredericton shelter last winter in a cardboard box with another cat.  Tiny weighed just over 30 pounds which is not at all healthy for a kitty cat.

Bit by bit with the help of medical professionals, the staff of the shelter and his foster mom Tiny's now down below 18 pounds with a goal weight of 15.  Tiny looks completely different, has more energy and is raising funds for his fellow shelter animals through the sales of Tiny's Ties. Sadie already has a Christmas collar but I'm pretty sure the cats need Christmas ties... bowties are cool.

Anyway,  Tiny is following his plan, having success and passing it on.  I need to stop whining about the brownie. Instead I should buy kitty Christmas ties.

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