Monday, October 1, 2012

Touch a Truck

Saturday morning Husband and I were up bright and early for a busy day.  We had signed up to volunteer with a fund raiser in town called Touch a Truck along with some other folks from the Canadian Progress Club Ignite.  Part of the harbour wharf area of Saint John was absolutely filled with vehicles- different types of fire trucks, garbage trucks, military vehicles, ambulances, police cars, RVs- over 90 vehicles.  There was even a trailer that's been converted into a boys' night dream with space for 20 people to play video games in luxury at the same time. 

You could climb in pretty much everything and honk the horn and make the sirens go off.  The folks in charge of the vehicles would make the cement mixer turn or the crane move or the remote control sewer camera drive around (that was really cool actually).  The aquarium also brought out a little dump truck and the local basketball team- The Millrats- set up an area for shooting hoops.  Baxters dairy was handing out chocolate milk and there were chocolate bars going to everyone. 

 Unfortunately it rained... it down poured.... our job for the first couple of hours was taking tickets at the gate and we got SOAKED.  The thing was that people came anyway.  Little kids had the most amazing rain gear and adorable umbrellas and they didn't care about the rain.  They were going to get put into a fire truck by a fireman in full gear and they were so excited.  It was adorable.

The organisation we were raising funds for deserves at least an entire post to talk about all of the amazing things they do.  First Steps has a home for young pregnant women and new mothers who have no where else to go.  They help with life skills and education and so many other things.  The group who put together the event did such an amazing job.  They had food and face painting and sold t-shirts and rubber ducks (fitting for the weather). 

With the weather there was great concern about how it would impact the fund raising but I understand they made at least $12 000.  Imagine what it could be like if the weather behaves next year!

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