Thursday, October 4, 2012


It is Thursday! Most weeks this is the hardest day to blog.  In some ways today is no exception.  I don't have a topic or photos or any real plan.  It's been that kind of week really.  Today is my last work day for the week but it feels like I've done at least 5 already.  It's just been busy with work and writing this week's article for the local paper and planning for Girls Night Out for Canadian Progress Club.  Plus obviously Husband started his new job this week.  He's been there on internship but somehow it's so very different now that it's a proper job.  Just lots going on.

But the In-Laws are safe and sound in Canada, arriving on a beautiful sunny day which was unseasonably warm.  They are actually staying in the town where I went to university and I so wish I were there too! Tomorrow they take the ferry from Nova Scotia across to us and our Thanksgiving (the Canadian one is the second weekend in October) begins.

It won't matter if there are a few dandelions or pieces of Sadie fluff (lately it's been Spock fluff... he and Dobby seem intent on pulling it all out) or dust on top of the fridge (Please don't look there!) or if Trilly sometimes cranks at the other furballs or Dobby is still occasionally hissing at Sadie when she startles him.  Everyone will just deal with those little imperfections and get on with enjoying Thanksgiving in a beautiful part of a beautiful country with loved ones.

I like this cat better. Get rid of the others. 

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