Sunday, October 28, 2012

Strip Search

After a 4:30 wake up call and nearly 10 hours in transit I arrived in Las Vegas midday on Friday.  After getting charged half a first born child for checking in early and stopping by the conference registration desk I decided I might as well take advantage of staying at the Las Vegas Paris right on the Strip.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  I wished I hadn't bothered wearing my jacket!

Then I found my way into the Venetian and the Grand Canal shops.  There was a point where I honestly had no idea how to get back out and thought I might have to move in.  I didn't mind this at all other than the fact that if I was staying I was going to wind up buying so Husband would have to get more jobs if I were going to live there!

Interestingly, having been to actual Paris and actual Venice, I think the Vegas versions smell better.  Not sure the French or the Italians would really approve though!


Sourire11 said...

Great photographs!!! I haven't been to vegas in a loooong time. Need to remedy that soon!

Michelle said...

Love your pictures! Looks like so much fun.