Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peevish Pets

For today's Tuesday 10 we're talking about our Pet Peeves- those things that drive you nuts whether they're a big deal to anyone else or not.  I'm co-hosting with the lovely Lena of Lena B, Actually. These are in no particular order and I'm absolutely positive that all day long I'll be remembering things that bug me MORE than things that wind up on this list.

1. I don't think anyone else will disagree with me on CAPTCHA or any other verification hoops that you have to jump through to comment on someone's blog.  So annoying! I don't necessarily mind the typing something in but why is it impossible to tell what the word is most of the time?

2. People who still wear perfume in enclosed public spaces.  Nothing like sitting in a cloud of perfume in my office all afternoon after someone leaves.

3. Spock and Dobby deciding to pull each other's fur out... at 5am.  It's going to take me awhile to forgive them for yesterday morning. Trilly still pissed at them too.

4.  The fact that the word "addicting" is being used instead of "addictive".  Chocolate and crystal meth are addictive not addicting. Urg.

5. The continued existence of the Kardashians.  I mean I don't want them to die or anything but what value do they add to society? What are they famous FOR (please don't write to me to tell me this).

6. When you're on hold listening to the muzzac that is interrupted every 30 seconds by a voice telling you that your call is important to them.  How does that actually make me feel better?

7.  Prerecorded telemarketing calls.  Who listens to those? How are they effective? If you're going to telemarket me at least pay someone to mispronounce my name.

8. People who misspell my name when replying to an email. I signed my name at the bottom of the email.  At least you can copy it correctly! I'm used to people getting confused by my name, mispronouncing my name and misspelling my name but if it's written right there at least copy it correctly (Leigh-Ellen isn't a common name)

9. Dirty laundry that has landed "near" the laundry hamper.  This point can also probably be made for dishes that are on the counter above the dishwasher rather than in it.  Is there a magic fairy that comes and puts the dishes in the dishwasher? Does it move your socks the extra foot into the hamper?  For Halloween maybe I need some fairy wings and a wand with a dirty sock on the end (there are only two humans who live in our house so yes... this is directed at you Husband... though Sadie does sometimes like to take things out of the hamper but you can't blame her for the dishes).

10.  Consistent misuse of  THEIR, THEY'RE, THERE.  Everyone typos once in awhile but learn the difference.  I can't understand with its and it's that sometimes the ' is just a pain to find on your phone but THEIR and THERE need to be sorted out.

So to summarize (Husband looking at one of his pet peeves right there... as a Brit he hates that z in summarize)... I seem to have entirely too many pet peeves related to spelling and linguistics.  I'm so very cool.

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princessmama said...

Oh, I forgot about CAPTCHA when writing my list. I loathe it. I also agree with your #2.

Wendy said...

Perfume - I forgot about that one!

Umm... I might be guilty of addictive verses addicting. :)

Kathy Schneider said...

Captcha, yes, I hate that.