Thursday, October 11, 2012

About Town

So how pathetic is it to call in sick when you're only working a three day week as it is?  Pretty darn pathetic.  The thing is, if I have to sit at a desk all morning I'll be in tears and/or (likely and) stab someone with a pen by lunch.  Tuesday morning I woke up with throbbing through my left shoulder and upper back.  I figured I probably slept on it wrong but probably combined with the fact that I've been carrying a ton of tension anyway.  We took the photos below on Tuesday and I think a combination of muscle relaxants and a lot of walking actually made it all manageable.

 Unfortunately yesterday I spent a few hours sitting at a desk and I think the lack of movement caused everything to lock up.  Standing and laying (only in one position) aren't too bad but sitting isn't comfortable nor is any movement that isn't slow and deliberate (sneezing hurts as does almost tripping over a cat). 

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